Friday, 30 December 2011

Hedd Wyn

At last all the editing is done, thanks to several people cleverer or more fluent than me helping out. The files are now uploaded to the printers and the book will soon be available for sale.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Merilang Press is publishing another book by David Gardiner, a novel this time Engineering Paradise We are having a launch for that together with Andrew's book in London in November. Everyone is welcome to an evening at The Camden Head, Camden with live music and readings of both books.

On top of that I have been carefully editing and formating all Hedd Wyn's poems and adding some more given to me by my neighbour who is his nephew. I'm really excited by the project but worn out with concentration. It's now practically ready for final formating as a local bard who is an expert on Hedd Wyn has written me a forward and Gerallt [neighbour] came today with yet another unpublished poem.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hedd Wyn

Merilang Press is about to publish a collection of all known poems of Hedd Wyn, Ellis Evans, of Yr Ysgwrn in Trawsfynydd. He is famous as the Bardd y Gadair Ddu because he was killed in 1917 just a few weeks before his poem won the chair at the National Eiteddfod.
This project has been a lot of work as, not being a native speaker, I had to enlist the help of a friend to proof read the poems and then incorporate all her corrections into the formatted version. Fortunately my friend is not only a native speaker but also actually likes proof-reading.
A strange thing occured yesterday. I had been busy with other matters and then returned to computer to add the final pictures to the Hedd Wyn file and turned on the radio as I sat down. There was a poetry programme with poets reading their choice of poems by dead authors. One reader had just finished as I started to fix my file and the next poet announced, 'I am going to read a poem by Hedd Wyn.' And proceded to read Y Blotyn Du {The Black Spot] first in Welsh and then in translation. One really would not expect to hear on radio 4 at any time about a poet who wrote only in Welsh but for it to come on air just as I was putting finshing touches to his book is downright weird. Talk about coincidence!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Latest news

Firstly Andrew McIntyre's book is doing well in the USA. You can check it out on my site and click his name.

I have been lying low as I had much trouble from arthritic knees and also was snowed in for a lot of the winter. However, having now received, courtest NHS, a lovely knew knee joint, I am getting busy again. To follow up please see the site above.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The newest news from Merilang Press is the appearance of Andrew McIntyre's book of short stories, The Short, the Long and the Tall. It is now available from Amazon both UK and USA and also signed from the author's website. For details go here and click on the picture of Andrew to go to his site.

Before going on th other matters, I'll just try to upload a picture from the story now. Fingers crossed.