Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Welsh lessons were very useful but I have now stopped as they were mostly conversation and I have more need of writing. Also thay took up so much time that there was never enough time for writing. However, in the end I managed to write all the Filigree Sheepdog Stories and also to translate to Welsh 'AND THEREBY HANGS A TALE'. a good friend in the market qhol was born and brought up locally has been correcting and improving my Welsh and the Welsh text is now ready. The biggest problem was that I spent so much time commuting to hospital and nursing home that Dai has finished the Welsh corrections but I have not caught up. I was busy illustrating the Filigree book and had so much difficulty trying to paint left handed that I got whisked off to hospital before they were finished and most are still sitting on my desk in the study. At the same time as trying to do the illustrations I was trying to remember how to used Serif to format the book for the printers.  I want to format the Welsh version of Teifi Dog's memoirs and get it printed and also format FILIGREE ans send off a trial version to see what it would cost with colour pictures. Meanwhile my brain is simply not working properly. I suppose at last both books will be done and I can then start on the Welsh version of ANTURIAU CI-DEFAID FFILIGRI,  Any time now I shall be in the hospital in Liverpool getting the arm fixed.. I do hope it will be done soon as it is very painful and not conducive to typing.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I really must get to grips with various means of marketing books. Unfortunately given the choice I always opt for writing and this dodge the issue. However, I have finally managed to understand the workings of twitter at least in part so that will be useful I hope. Facebook still defeats me. Emma, bless her, actually made a facebook page for Merilang Press but so far I have neg stiff.lected that too. Facebook scares me stiff. Anyway I'd better actually go and do something practical  - not sure what.
Having subjected my poor brain to reams of Welsh while editing and formatting Hedd Wyn, Ei Farddoniaeth and survived, I rejoined the ranks of advanced Welsh classes last year. I was delighted to find myself in the class of my ex tutor from about 15 years ago. So I have been polishing my written Welsh by writing stories for homework and getting them corrected. It has been a fascinating exercise and now Elwyn who organises classes for Bangor has taken the Welsh version of And Thereby Hangs a Tail to check for anything I have made a mess of. I'm really nervous in the meantime but wanted for years to write in Welsh.Now I need a title as clearly the original pun won't work in Welsh. Maybe just 'Ci Defaid Byddwn i'. At least readers would know what it is about.
Meantime the English version continues to sell locally but I really should do some marketing. Trouble is I much prefer writing.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Hedd Wyn Update

Well the launch was a bit of a non-event as it was preceded by a morning public meeting at which the news was broken that The Welsh Assembly, The National Park and one or two others had bought Yr Ysgwrn and taken over responsibility for it.

The house had recently been completely under wrapps while acquiring a new roof. This was all supposed to be top secret but the bush telegraph here is very efficient. Anyway, I think it is a good move as it means that Gerallt no longer needs to attend to the farm. He has been ill so this is a good thing although he is getting better now. He will still be playing host to the public, as he promised his Nain he would till he died. Anyway, no one could possibly do it better.
The Hedd Wyn book got a mention on Radio Cymru on the bck of that and we sold some copies but then everyone went off to Yr Ysgwrn after lunch at the village hall and Emma, Debbie, myself and the two Phils had an afternoon mostly to ourselves feasting on Debbies wonderful tast titbits. We had three friends from Dolgellau for an hour and so Emma and I did our readings, Emma in Welsh and me in English. The only other visitors were several ladies in black returning from a funeral, who bought copies but of course were not in need of entertainment.

The book is selling quite well although I am not good at publicity and don't have the time and energy to hawk it round book shops. It is available from Yr Hen Bost in Blaenau Ffestiniog, the Meirionnydd Book shop in Bala and the Siop Papur in Trawsfynydd. Also from my web site direct - Merilang

Hedd Wyn. Ei Farddoniaeth

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hedd Wyn's poetry -- new book

Merilang Press' new book, Hedd Wyn, Ei Farddoniaeth, is now available here
There will be an official bilingual launch on Thursday, Gwyl Dewi, and all are welcome.

Join Merilang Press for the launch a new hardcover book of poems by Hedd Wyn (1887 - 1917). The event will include a bilingual open mic session. 1.00 pm - 5.30 pm at the Village Hall in Trawsfynydd (Hedd Wyn’s birthplace). Free entry and snacks.
For more information contact Daffni Percival: