Saturday, 20 April 2013

Having subjected my poor brain to reams of Welsh while editing and formatting Hedd Wyn, Ei Farddoniaeth and survived, I rejoined the ranks of advanced Welsh classes last year. I was delighted to find myself in the class of my ex tutor from about 15 years ago. So I have been polishing my written Welsh by writing stories for homework and getting them corrected. It has been a fascinating exercise and now Elwyn who organises classes for Bangor has taken the Welsh version of And Thereby Hangs a Tail to check for anything I have made a mess of. I'm really nervous in the meantime but wanted for years to write in Welsh.Now I need a title as clearly the original pun won't work in Welsh. Maybe just 'Ci Defaid Byddwn i'. At least readers would know what it is about.
Meantime the English version continues to sell locally but I really should do some marketing. Trouble is I much prefer writing.

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